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Industry experience drives value


Many businesses throw money away on costs and accidents that could be easily prevented.


There is great potential to help businesses, large and small, lift their profitability through


 • Increased productivity.


 • Reduced insurance claims costs due to fewer accidents.


 • Reduced down time through fewer sick days.


RiteTrack is a network of leading services, suppliers and products that support businesses to be more resilient through a preventative approach to workplace health. From workplace audits to workshops, recommendations and advice, RiteTrack is your partner for a productive, profitable and resilient business.

A pathway to productivity and profitability through business resilience

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Preventing costs, increasing profits


Did you know that 95% of claim fees, excess costs, loss of income and down time are preventable? The 5% of outcomes that can’t be prevented can still be better managed through resilience and a focus on holistic business health through tools identified by RiteTrack.


RiteTrack can help your business prevent and eliminate these costs, through simple changes in your workplace. When companies apply preventative measures in the workplace, major gains in productivity can be made.


From health initiatives that reduce staff sick days to zero, to cost-effective software tools that save precious hours for your operation, RiteTrack has all the right tools, systems and suppliers to equip your business for success and competitive advantage.

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Explore the RiteTrack website for tips, resources and case studies to see how our clients benefit from increased business productivity and profitability, and then contact our team at solutions@ritetrack.co.nz so we can create total business performance for your business too.

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Helping businesses thrive through resilience


RiteTrack is expanding its  network of expert partners and providers.  As we work with new clients in different sectors, we’ll keep our focus on sharing best practice with you so you can continue to realise cost savings and implement small changes that have a significant impact upon your bottom line.

Get in touch today and get on the path to profitability with RiteTrack.  Contact us or go check out the toolbox.